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Le premier colloque français sur Marie de Lorraine-Guise à Bar-le-Duc

500 ans après la naissance de Marie de Lorraine à Bar, aujourd’hui Bar-le-Duc en Lorraine, la capitale du Barrois se souvient à son tour de la fille aînée des Guise. Début juillet 2015, l’association régionale Sauvegarde du patrimoine l’avait honoré par une fête Renaissance à Joinville, lieu de son enfance. Le 9 octobre 2015, Bar-le-Duc accueilit […]

June 1538: Marie de Guise discovers Scottish fashion

After an exhausting sea crossing from France, Marie arrived on a sandy beach on the Scottish East coast near Crail. She was accompanied by the duke of Guise her father, her sister Louise, her ladies in waiting and many Frenchmen. All disembarked the galleys and moved towards castle Balcomie, probably passing fishermen, villagers and townspeople. […]

Une nouvelle « biographie » sur Marie de Guise en 2016

22 May 1540: A prince is born to Scotland

In early May 1540, king James V decided to move the Scottish Court to the palace of St. Andrews. Queen Marie, who was heavily pregnant, was lodged with her ladies in confortable chambers containing two beds, one hung with curtains of white damask fringed with white silk, and the second with curtains of yellow damask […]

Modern scholarship on Mary of Guise

Throughout the Middle Ages into the sixteenth century, France and Scotland were closely allied under the banner of « my enemies’ enemy is my friend », and both were enemies of England. Mary, a woman from the powerful Guise family in France, became queen consort of Scotland when she married James V, and was the mother to […]

Rencontres avec Marie de Guise en 2015

En attendant le 500e anniversaire de Marie de Lorraine-Guise, plusieurs manifestations rappellent son existence et son importance historique à ce pays où elle est né en novembre 1515, mais qui l’a oubliée. Début juillet 2015, une fête Marie de Guise a eu lieu à Joinville en Haute-Marne, où se trouvait jusqu’à la fin du 18e siècle […]

1683 : Rediscovery of the tombs of James V Stuart and his two sons by Mary of Guise

When I was visiting the ruins of Holyrood Abbey some years ago, in search of Renaissance tombstones or effigies (one can always dream), I stumbled upon this simple plaque. This was it then, the end of all my marble hopes. The tombs of king James V Stuart, of little James and Robert, his two sons by […]