22 May 1540: A prince is born to Scotland

In early May 1540, king James V decided to move the Scottish Court to the palace of St. Andrews. Queen Marie, who was heavily pregnant, was lodged with her ladies in confortable chambers containing two beds, one hung with curtains of white damask fringed with white silk, and the second with curtains of yellow damask fringed with gold. An ornate cradle had been ordered for the coming child.

On May 22, or shortly before, the king had left for the harbour of Dumbarton and was about to embark on a journey to the Western Isles, when a messenger arrived from St. Andrews bringing the happy news of the nativity of a lord prince of Scotland.

John Leslye or Lesley, bishop of the diocese of Ross since 1566, was ambassador to Mary Stuart in England. In his Historie of Scotland (1570), dedicated to the Queen of Scots, he wrote of the event:

Quhill the King wes in this voyage, the Quene wes deliverit of ane faire Prince at St Androis ; quhairof he beand advertist at his landing, come with all poslible diligence to the Quene ; and schortly theirefter the Prince wes baptiset and callit James, his godfaders beand the Archbischop of St Androis [David Beaton] and the erle of Arrane [James Hamilton], and the Quene the Kingis moder [Margaret Tudor] wes godmoder. Throw this birth of the Prince thair wes fyeres of blythnes mad throw all the partis of the realme, with greit triumphe and thankis gevin to God for the samyn.

John Lesley, The Historie of Scotland. From the death of King James I in the year M.CCCC.XXXVI, to the year M.D.LXI. Edinburgh 1830, p. 157.

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  1. Martin der Liebe · · Réponse

    A ornate cradle had been ordered -> An ornate …
    to embark for a journey -> normalerweise « to embark on a journey »

  2. Martin der Liebe · · Réponse

    Tschulligung! Orthographie-Tourette…

  3. Done, many thanks. Always keen on learning and getting better.

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