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24 November 2019 is Marie de Guise Day

Sunday 24 November, Day 4 of « Previously… Scotland’s History Festival 2019« , is a Marie de Guise Special and will take place in the Institut français d’Écosse, Edinburgh. The Marie de Guise Day starts at 1.00pm with Celebrating Women in Scotland’s History, featuring Valerie Wright and Fiona Skillen. Not just queens and ladies of the court, […]

Edinburgh’s Institut Français celebrates Marie de Guise’s 500th birthday

On Tuesday December 8, 2015, the Institut Français at 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Marie de Guise with the conference Marie de Guise, ’the other Mary’: Dr Julian Goodare, Reader in History at the University of Edinburgh, presents The political and diplomatic situation of Scotland in Europe in […]

Mary of Guise’s Coat of Arms

The Mary of Guise-Lorraine article from this blog, recently republished on Celebrate Scotland, features amongst its illustrations the Queen regent’s Coat of Arms on stained glass. These Arms are situated in the middle window in the south wall of the Magdalen Chapel in Edinburgh. The Magdalen Chapel website states that it « was built [more likely […]

1683 : Rediscovery of the tombs of James V Stuart and his two sons by Mary of Guise

When I was visiting the ruins of Holyrood Abbey some years ago, in search of Renaissance tombstones or effigies (one can always dream), I stumbled upon this simple plaque. This was it then, the end of all my marble hopes. The tombs of king James V Stuart, of little James and Robert, his two sons by […]

La « Vieille Alliance » perdure

Depuis le 13e siècle, la France et l’Écosse entretiennent des liens privilégiés. Mais c’est surtout au 15ème et 16ème siècles que les deux pays ont partagé une grande partie de leur histoire. Une princesse écossaise, Marguerite Stuart, est devenue dauphine de France en épousant Louis XI, et des princesses françaises sont devenues reines d’Écosse, comme […]

Darnley, famous for being handsome – and murdered

Some people in History are famous for their violent deaths. Some are famous for having married an important personality. And some are celebrities because of a magnificent portrait painting. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, cumulates all these three. His portrait in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery shows a blond boy of nine or ten, dressed in […]

Marie Stuart à Edimbourg (exposition au NMS en 2013)

On ne présente plus Marie Stuart, le monde entier la connaît. Vraiment ? Voici une belle occasion de se faire sa propre idée à propos de cette reine d’Écosse et de France, au moins aussi controversée que Marie-Antoinette. Les deux reines, adorées autant que détestées, soumises sans cesse aux regards et aux jugements de leurs […]