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Le couronnement de Marie de Lorraine, reine consort d’Écosse

Les 7 et 8 novembre 2019 a eu lieu à Nancy le colloque « Sacres et couronnements dans l’Occident chrétien : rite, état et société, du Moyen Age à nos jours », organisé par le CRULH et l’Institut François Gény de l’Université de Lorraine. Parmi de nombreuses interventions (voir le programme), cinq historiennes se sont penchées sur […]

Madeleine of Valois, king James V’s first wife

In the first half of the XVIth century, France and Scotland were not only bound by the Auld Alliance, a treaty of mutual military assistance between the two kingdoms dating from the end of the XIIIth century. Many Scots were also permanently living on the Continent: Scottish merchants living in the cities of Rouen and […]

Le premier colloque français sur Marie de Lorraine-Guise à Bar-le-Duc

500 ans après la naissance de Marie de Lorraine à Bar, aujourd’hui Bar-le-Duc en Lorraine, la capitale du Barrois se souvient à son tour de la fille aînée des Guise. Début juillet 2015, l’association régionale Sauvegarde du patrimoine l’avait honoré par une fête Renaissance à Joinville, lieu de son enfance. Le 9 octobre 2015, Bar-le-Duc accueilit […]

June 1538: Marie de Guise discovers Scottish fashion

After an exhausting sea crossing from France, Marie arrived on a sandy beach on the Scottish East coast near Crail. She was accompanied by the duke of Guise her father, her sister Louise, her ladies in waiting and many Frenchmen. All disembarked the galleys and moved towards castle Balcomie, probably passing fishermen, villagers and townspeople. […]

‘And Yet It Stands’. Mary of Guise’s emblem pictured by Scottish artist Iona Leishman

ADHUC STAT – ‘And yet it stands’ – was the motto of Marie de Guise‘s personal emblem, accompanied by the pictura or image representing, according to French historian Gabriel de Pimodan, a crown set above a rock beaten by winds and waves. It is also the title of this summer’s exhibition of new paintings from […]

Mary of Guise’s Coat of Arms

The Mary of Guise-Lorraine article from this blog, recently republished on Celebrate Scotland, features amongst its illustrations the Queen regent’s Coat of Arms on stained glass. These Arms are situated in the middle window in the south wall of the Magdalen Chapel in Edinburgh. The Magdalen Chapel website states that it « was built [more likely […]

Marie of Guise, Queen of Scotland

Initialement publié sur The Freelance History Writer :
Marie of Guise, c. 1537, by Corneille de Lyon Marie of Guise was born on November 22, 1515 in the castle of Bar-le-Duc in northeast France. Her father was Claude, Duke of Guise and her mother was Antoinette of Bourbon. The Guises were one of the most powerful…