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Queen Marie of Lorraine and Nigel Tranter’s James V novels

Historical novels are curious things. According to Britannica, a historical novel “has as its setting a period of history” and “attempts to convey the spirit, manners, and social conditions of a past age with realistic detail and fidelity (which is in some case only apparent fidelity) to historical fact”. Tellingly, the first novel of its […]

Marie of Guise, Queen of Scotland

Initialement publié sur The Freelance History Writer :
Marie of Guise, c. 1537, by Corneille de Lyon Marie of Guise was born on November 22, 1515 in the castle of Bar-le-Duc in northeast France. Her father was Claude, Duke of Guise and her mother was Antoinette of Bourbon. The Guises were one of the most powerful…

Unicorn hunt at Stirling castle

Stirling castle in Scotland has just received an all new and bright coloured tapestry, the sixth out of a series of medieval inspired hangings already decorating its Renaissance palace. These modern replicas are woven by West Dean Tapestry in a studio at Stirling castle and in the south of England and depict the « The Hunt […]

Antoinette de Bourbon, mère des Guise

Antoinette de Bourbon est née le 25 décembre 1494. Elle rencontre en 1513 à Paris le jeune comte de Guise, fils de Renée de Lorraine, le vainqueur du Téméraire. En juin, les deux jeunes nobles sont mariés. Antoinette a deux ans de plus que Claude, qui n’a alors que 16 ans. Il n’y a pas […]