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Mary’s birth in 1515, by Rosalind K. Marshall

November 2015. The 500th birthday of Marie of Lorraine, or Mary of Guise, has arrived. To celebrate this historical event now follows an extract of the book that has pulled her out of oblivion. The first modern work on the eldest daughter of Claude duke of Guise and Antoinette of Bourbon, Mary of Guise-Lorraine, queen […]

Philippa of Guelders, Marie of Guise’s prickly grandmother

Much like her granddaughter Marie of Lorraine-Guise, Philippa of Guelders did not receive much attention from French historians. Only the final part of her life, spent in a convent at Pont-à-Mousson in the Lorraine region, inspired some rare biographers. The first was Hilarion de Coste (1595-1661), member of the Order of the Minimes de Saint […]

Mary of Guise’s Coat of Arms

The Mary of Guise-Lorraine article from this blog, recently republished on Celebrate Scotland, features amongst its illustrations the Queen regent’s Coat of Arms on stained glass. These Arms are situated in the middle window in the south wall of the Magdalen Chapel in Edinburgh. The Magdalen Chapel website states that it « was built [more likely […]

Marie of Guise, Queen of Scotland

Initialement publié sur The Freelance History Writer :
Marie of Guise, c. 1537, by Corneille de Lyon Marie of Guise was born on November 22, 1515 in the castle of Bar-le-Duc in northeast France. Her father was Claude, Duke of Guise and her mother was Antoinette of Bourbon. The Guises were one of the most powerful…

Antoine, duc de Lorraine, l’oncle de Marie de Guise

La barbe blonde superbement taillée, le visage encadré d’une fine chemise brodée et de riche fourrure de martre, ce prince est Antoine, duc de Lorraine et de Bar (1489 – 1544) ou Herzog Anton der Gute von Lothringen en allemand. Antoine est le fils aîné de René II de Lorraine et de Philippe de Gueldre. […]

Antoinette de Bourbon, mère des Guise

Antoinette de Bourbon est née le 25 décembre 1494. Elle rencontre en 1513 à Paris le jeune comte de Guise, fils de Renée de Lorraine, le vainqueur du Téméraire. En juin, les deux jeunes nobles sont mariés. Antoinette a deux ans de plus que Claude, qui n’a alors que 16 ans. Il n’y a pas […]