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Marie de Guise ‘tyranne’?

Les 22-23 janvier 2016, l’UFR LCE de l’université de Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense organisait le colloque international « Le prince, le tyran, le despote: Figures du souverain en Europe de la Renaissance aux Lumières 1500-1800 ». Vendredi matin 22 janvier,  Armel Dubois-Nayt parlait de Marie de Lorraine : 9h45-11h00 Le prince et le tyran […]

On Scotland’s independence and the importance of History

700 years ago, in early summer of the year 1314, took place the battle of Bannockburn near Stirling castle in Scotland. The Scottish victory of king Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) over English king Edward II (1284-1327) and his army led to the declaration of Arbroath in 1320, and eventually to the Independence of Scotland in […]

John Knox, the Hall of Heroes and the Yellowlees

Within The National Wallace Monument near Stirling in Scotland, I really didn’t expect him to be present. But there he was, amidst the white marble portraits of Sir Walter Scott, of young Robert Burns, of Livingstone and many other famous Scotsmen : John Knox, the 16th century reformer, pamphletist and gifted orator. A protestant minister of […]

« The First Blast of the Trumpet » : John Knox by Marie Macpherson

Scottish writer Marie Macpherson published in march this year the first volume of a trilogy about John Knox (1513-1572), the protestant reformer who saw – as it is commonly written – queen Mary of Guise as an example of « the monstrous regiment of women« . In fact, John Knox’s « First Blast of the trumpet » was principally […]