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« Les Tudors » à Paris : entre réalité historique et posterité

Le musée du Luxembourg à Paris accueille depuis le 18 mars une des familles les plus rocambolesques de l’histoire de l’Angleterre: les Tudors. Comparé aux leurs, les scandales de la famille Windsor font pâle figure. Le danger était alors de succomber à la tentation de ce monde semi-historique peuplé d’Elizabeth la Reine Vierge, de Henri […]

Portraits of James V of Scotland and the celebration of dynasty

« There is evidence to suggest that the Stewart kings were keenly aware of the need both to circulate an official likeness and to assemble a gallery of dynastic forebears. Portrait artists were seemingly employed at the Scottish court from the reign of James I. When Mary Queen of Scots was executed at Fotheringhay Castle in […]

Renaissance living comfort

When nobility and royalty were travelling from palace to palace, tapestries, carpets and wooden furniture were taken along to furnish the various rooms. But how were these interiors made comfortable, and how their inhabitants were sheltered from the summer heat or winter cold ? Tapestries have been used not only as decoration and signs of […]