« The First Blast of the Trumpet » : John Knox by Marie Macpherson

Scottish writer Marie Macpherson published in march this year the first volume of a trilogy about John Knox (1513-1572), the protestant reformer who saw – as it is commonly written – queen Mary of Guise as an example of « the monstrous regiment of women« . In fact, John Knox’s « First Blast of the trumpet » was principally directed against the english queen, Mary Tudor. He had started writing his pamphlet probably in Dieppe in France, then finished working on it in his swiss exile in Geneva, where it was published in 1558. Was Knox really a woman-hater and misogynist ? Here is Macpherson‘s fictional view of the famous scottish protestant in Europe’s violent XVIth century.



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  1. […] “The First Blast of the Trumpet” : John Knox by Marie Macpherson. […]


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