In a nutshell: the Linlithgow Palace fountain

The Hazel Tree

 Where wine once flowed like water…

James V's fountainBuilt by James V in 1538, this ornate fountain graces the courtyard at Linlithgow Palace.

Standing over 16 feet high and designed to reflect the supreme power of the king, it was probably fed by an underground water supply which was piped up to the carved crown at the top.

Water fell from the crown – suggesting the king’s benevolence – into tiered bowls and out through rows of spouts shaped like mythical beasts and human heads.  One of them is said to represent James V disguised as a peasant or ‘gaberlunzie’.

When Bonnie Prince Charlie visited Linlithgow in 1745, the fountain was made to flow with wine. This was probably not the first time it had happened – another source suggests James V had the same idea, on his marriage to Mary of Guise.

In 2007 the fountain was restored by Historic Scotland…

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  1. Thank you for re-blogging this and my other post on Linlithgow! Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. We work on the same topic, so let’s communicate more 🙂 Best regards.

      1. Agreed! Nice to find someone with similar interests. I’ve visited Stirling Castle, Linlithgow and Falkland Palace and love them all, and it has given me a special interest in the Stewart kings and their wives.

      2. We are connected thanks to Mary MacPherson. I’ve been working for Historic Scotland (and the Stirling castle project) in 2008, playing Mary of Guise, and went back to Scotland a year later to visit Edinburgh and Linlithgow. Falkland palace remains unvisited, but hopefully not for long!

      3. Aha! That’s nice to know! What a lovely job you had! That sounds like fun. I hope you get a chance to visit Falkland Palace soon – I have just posted a couple of new features on my blog. It’s such a beautiful place.

  2. Good to see you connected & sharing posts! 🙂

    1. Happy to be back and getting news from you!

  3. … and to see you linked up with Jo! 🙂

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