‘And Yet It Stands’. Mary of Guise’s emblem pictured by Scottish artist Iona Leishman

ADHUC STAT – ‘And yet it stands’ – was the motto of Marie de Guise‘s personal emblem, accompanied by the pictura or image representing, according to French historian Gabriel de Pimodan, a crown set above a rock beaten by winds and waves. It is also the title of this summer’s exhibition of new paintings from Iona Leishman, Historic Scotland’s first artist in residence at Stirling Castle.

The Keys of the Whole of Scotland' web size oil on board 122cms x 81cms

Iona Leishman, « The Keys of the Whole of Scotland ». Oil on board © Iona Leishman

Leishman’s fascination with Marie de Guise was awakened during her residency at Stirling Castle from 2011-12 when she connected with this woman’s story of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. She writes about Marie:

Clever, beautiful and determined, Marie de Guise’ courage was formidable. Widowed days after she gave birth to James V’s daughter Mary in 1542, Marie faced a dangerous power vacuum in which the Scots lords struggled for power.  Refusing to countenance returning to France and her wealthy, influential family she consistently faced down her rivals, defeated an English invasion, ruled the country as regent, and temporarily held back the Reformation. The last defender of the centuries-long Auld Alliance between Scotland and France, she married her daughter in great triumph to the heir of the French throne which saw the 16-year old Mary become queen of Scotland and France in 1559.

Influenced by the reading and research she has undertaken about Marie de Guise’s life, Iona Leishman’s paintings will be accompanied by explanatory notes describing the particular event surrounding each work.

‘And yet it stands’, Iona Leishman Art exhibition. Chapel Royal at Stirling Castle. From 18 July to 31 August 2015, 9.30am – 5.15pm daily, free with castle entry ticket. All work is for sale.


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    Marie de Guise’s personal emblem

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