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Relics of a Franco-Scotland: Three 16th century armorial roundels for sale at Bonhams

It’s a pretty grand discovery. At the end of March, browsing my Twitter account, I stumbled upon Bonhams’ Dunrobin Attic Sale in Edinburgh on Tuesday 20 April 2021. I started a quick research on Dunrobin Castle, family seat of the 25th Earl of Sutherland, “the Highlands’ premier ducal palace” and “one of Scotland’s grandest and […]

Mary of Guise’s Coat of Arms

The Mary of Guise-Lorraine article from this blog, recently republished on Celebrate Scotland, features amongst its illustrations the Queen regent’s Coat of Arms on stained glass. These Arms are situated in the middle window in the south wall of the Magdalen Chapel in Edinburgh. The Magdalen Chapel website states that it « was built [more likely […]

Une tapisserie de Jacqueline de Luxembourg

Nota bene : Cet article décrit une visite au château de Langeais en 2013. Les tapisseries flamandes du type millefleurs datant de la fin du Moyen Age sont des véritables plaisirs esthétiques mais parfois, ces oeuvres tissées cachent aussi des histoires d’hommes et de femmes. La tapisserie concernée se situe au château de Langeais et […]