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Marie and Louis of Orleans : A princely wedding in the summer of 1534

There are no pictures of the event, neither of the young woman of eighteen called Marie, nor of her husband Louis of Orleans, duke of Longueville, born in 1510 and Great Chamberlain of France. Marie of Guise, eldest daughter of duke Claude of Guise and Antoinette of Bourbon, was introduced to the French Court three […]

Scottish effigies in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey in Paris

Since the end of the 13th century, the realms of France and Scotland were officially bound by mutual military aid contracts that laid the foundations of the famous Auld Alliance. Many Scotsmen came to France to make war as archers and soldiers in the service of the French kings, or to make business in the cities of […]

Claude, premier des Guise

Dès sa naissance, Claude est un enfant privilégié. Il n’est pourtant pas l’ainé de la famille. Sa mère, Philippa de Gueldre, le nourrit d’amour et de crainte de Dieu, selon les dires d’un contemporain. Son père, René II de Lorraine, donne à Antoine, son fils aîné et frère de Claude, le duché de Lorraine et […]