Catégorie Holyrood Abbey

Madeleine of Valois, king James V’s first wife

In the first half of the XVIth century, France and Scotland were not only bound by the Auld Alliance, a treaty of mutual military assistance between the two kingdoms dating from the end of the XIIIth century. Many Scots were also permanently living on the Continent: Scottish merchants living in the cities of Rouen and […]

Rencontres avec Marie de Guise en 2015

En attendant le 500e anniversaire de Marie de Lorraine-Guise, plusieurs manifestations rappellent son existence et son importance historique à ce pays où elle est né en novembre 1515, mais qui l’a oubliée. Début juillet 2015, une fête Marie de Guise a eu lieu à Joinville en Haute-Marne, où se trouvait jusqu’à la fin du 18e siècle […]

1683 : Rediscovery of the tombs of James V Stuart and his two sons by Mary of Guise

When I was visiting the ruins of Holyrood Abbey some years ago, in search of Renaissance tombstones or effigies (one can always dream), I stumbled upon this simple plaque. This was it then, the end of all my marble hopes. The tombs of king James V Stuart, of little James and Robert, his two sons by […]