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Mademoiselle de Guise, l’autre Marie de Lorraine

Près de 100 ans après la naissance de Marie de Lorraine, fille aînée du premier duc de Guise et reine et régente d’Écosse, vient au monde une autre Marie de Lorraine, dite Mademoiselle de Guise. L’histoire de la branche aînée de la famille de Guise débute ainsi en novembre 1515 avec une fille nommée Marie, […]

Madeleine of Valois, king James V’s first wife

In the first half of the XVIth century, France and Scotland were not only bound by the Auld Alliance, a treaty of mutual military assistance between the two kingdoms dating from the end of the XIIIth century. Many Scots were also permanently living on the Continent: Scottish merchants living in the cities of Rouen and […]

1683 : Rediscovery of the tombs of James V Stuart and his two sons by Mary of Guise

When I was visiting the ruins of Holyrood Abbey some years ago, in search of Renaissance tombstones or effigies (one can always dream), I stumbled upon this simple plaque. This was it then, the end of all my marble hopes. The tombs of king James V Stuart, of little James and Robert, his two sons by […]